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J Business Solutions
is dedicated to helping businesses increase workplace efficiency by offering custom software solutions for organized data collection.
Specializing in:
  • Re-engineering legacy applications into web-based applications, and bringing multiple separate applications into a single souce system.
  • Web Applications Development - ASP .NET w/ C#, ColdFusion or ASP used with JavaScript, with special emphasis on browser compatibility issues between Netscape and IE.
  • Database Engineering - Design, modeling and data migration for MS Access or SQL Server 2000, including installation and set-up.
  • Visual Basic and Microsoft Office products - custom macros for Excel, Access, & Word.
  • VB and Java COM development.
  • Web Hosting and Email Services.
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    Current Development:
  • Personal Planner/Organizer (new ASP.NET) - (Original Classic ASP)
    My Tools:
  •  Word/Character Counter
  • Color Editor v3.0
    Other Tools:
  • Chemists Scientific Calculator w/Notepad
  • Conversion Tool
  • Plot Graph
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